The Deep Secret, of the Puerto Rican Day Parade


Que bonita bandera…..que bonita bandera…..que bonita bandera es la bandera Puertorriquena


War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

In the 1950s, Puerto Ricans often found themselves unwelcome in New York City (and elsewhere in the US) as they tried to carve out a place for themselves and their families. Sometimes beaten by their neighbors, or by the police, they were given the lowest-paying jobs and the worst housing in the city.

And so, in 1958, Puerto Rican leaders decided to hold a modest parade where they could march arm in arm with pride through the heart of Manhattan.

Fathers taught their children…by pointing to floats dedicated to Puerto Rican towns known for sugarcane, coffee, tobacco, plantains and pineapples. 

Mothers tapped their feet…to the bombas, plenas and aguinaldos that evoked memories of their island childhood.

By 1966, the parade was already a “must do” event for national celebrities and politicians.

Today, the parade is a star-studded TV spectacle with 90,000 marchers, 2 million spectators and a horde of corporate sponsors. Marc Anthony, J.Lo, Ricky Martin, Victor Cruz, and Mayor…

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The National Championship.


2015 Most Overused/Obnoxious Quotes Tournament – National Championship

Originally posted on 2015 Most Overused/Obnoxious Quotes Tournament.:

We will have a new champion this year. The question is…who will prove their obnoxious/overused worth here the most?

The Champion will be crowned at 345pm EDT on Friday.

Introducing first…your Real Housewives of Atlanta Bracket champion. The quote that slayed the defending champion Turn Up/Turn Down For What by a score of 17-11, it has certainly taken a step forward this season in obnoxiousness. What was once started as a hashtag, it has evolved into an acronym that even takes on such adjectives as “THOTties” and others I don’t feel like hurting your brains with. Ladies and gentlemen…That Hoe Over There…THOT

Its opponent…your Young Thug Bracket champion. Although its 18-10 victory over That’s None Of My Business (Sips Tea) snapped its double-digit winning streak, it remains the most dominant quote of this tourney thus far. Short for babe and also meaning “Before Anyone Else”, it returns to the National Championship…

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