The National Championship.


2015 Most Overused/Obnoxious Quotes Tournament – National Championship

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We will have a new champion this year. The question is…who will prove their obnoxious/overused worth here the most?

The Champion will be crowned at 345pm EDT on Friday.

Introducing first…your Real Housewives of Atlanta Bracket champion. The quote that slayed the defending champion Turn Up/Turn Down For What by a score of 17-11, it has certainly taken a step forward this season in obnoxiousness. What was once started as a hashtag, it has evolved into an acronym that even takes on such adjectives as “THOTties” and others I don’t feel like hurting your brains with. Ladies and gentlemen…That Hoe Over There…THOT

Its opponent…your Young Thug Bracket champion. Although its 18-10 victory over That’s None Of My Business (Sips Tea) snapped its double-digit winning streak, it remains the most dominant quote of this tourney thus far. Short for babe and also meaning “Before Anyone Else”, it returns to the National Championship…

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Top 15 Arcs of Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Must-see reference for the cartoon series that partially redeemed the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Some truly great story arcs that added depth to the Star Wars galaxy and most importantly, Anakin Skywalker.

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CLONESIn celebration of Star Wars: The Clone Wars coming to Netflix and its long awaited sixth season, it’s time to revisit the best arcs from this amazingly ambitious show.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars debuted in 2008 with an uneven and little seen movie. Set firmly between Episode 2 and 3, the ensuing series promised to show us Anakin and Obi-Wan’s adventures in the Clone Wars leading up to Anakin’s turn to the dark side.

Perhaps the greatest creative risk The Clone Wars took was the introduction of Anakin’s padawan. Over the course of five seasons, Asohka Tano’s gradual maturation from impatient sidekick to wisened warrior became the shows crowning achievement and most important legacy.

Peculiarly, episodes of The Clone Wars were loosely organized into largely standalone arcs. Often arranged in groups of two to four, episodes generally continue the story of either certain characters or battles interrupted by an occasional…

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Happy Lupercalia!


Happy Lupercalia Day!

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Lupercalia heart

Yes, I know it’s Valentine’s Day and lots of you will be receiving bouquets of roses and planning romantic dinners (not me- my husband knows I have no time for the gross commercialism that is Valentine’s Day and is under pain of divorce not to buy me flowers – and I mean it), however, it would seem that Valentine’s Day has always had a lot more to it than hearts and flowers. In fact, it originates from an ancient pagan ritual that was celebrated for years before anyone had heard of Valentine.

In Rome, many centuries ago, the festival of Lupercalia was celebrated from the 13th to the 15th of February. On the 14th of February, a day devoted to Juno, queen of the gods and patron of marriage, young women would place their names on slips of paper put into jars. The young men would pick out a name…

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